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Establishing an enterprise is not only to ensure the interests of the founders of the business, but also to contribute to ensuring the management order as well as the development of the country. Therefore, it can be said that establishing an enterprise is both an indispensable need and an obligatory requirement for each enterprise in the overall economic development of the country.

1. 1 Member Limited Liability Company.

2. 2 or more membersliability company.

3. Joint stock company..

4. Private enterprise.

5. Branch.

6. Representative office.


Case 1: If the owner of an individual or an organization contributes capital
Must establish a one-member limited liability company or a private enterprise. With experience in setting up a company and tax accounting, we recommend that you register as a one-member limited liability company that will have more favorable legal and tax policies than a private enterprise.

There are 2 members contributing capital
Should establish a limited liability company with 2 or more members. This type is like a one-member limited liability company, only has 2 members contributing capital, you must choose one person to be the legal representative (Director)

Case 3: Have 3 or more capital contributors
Option 1: It is still possible to establish a limited company if the number of capital-contributing members does not exceed 50 people
Option 2: establishment of a joint-stock company, a joint-stock company is not limited in the number of capital-contributing members.


1: Application for registration of company establishment

2: Draft of Company's charter

3: List of members for 2-member limited liability companies, List of shareholders for joint-stock companies

4: Prepare documents of members/shareholders as follows:

a) For individual members: notarized copy not older than 03 months of the people's identity card/passport or citizen identification
b) For members being organizations: copy a notarized copy of the establishment decision, business registration certificate or other equivalent document of the organization; power of attorney, people's identity card, passport or other lawful personal identification of the authorized representative.

For a member being a foreign organization, a copy of the Business Registration Certificate must be consularly legalized, translated or notarized by the agency where that organization has registered no later than three months before the date of submission of the application. business registration form.

5: Company headquarters information

6: Practicing certificate of the Director or General Director and other individuals, for companies engaged in business lines and professions that are required by law to have a practicing certificate.

7: A document certifying the legal capital of a competent agency or organization, for a company that conducts business in the lines of business that must have legal capital as prescribed by law.


Currently, according to Article 29 of the Enterprise Law 2020, the business registration certificate only shows 4 contents which are:

Business name and business number

Address of the head office of the enterprise.

Enterprise name and enterprise code Information on the legal representative of the enterprise (for limited liability companies, information of members is also available).

Authorized capital.

Thus, when an enterprise changes the information on its Certificate of Business Registration, it must issue a Certificate of Business Registration with new information. In addition, the enterprise needs to notify the change of the following contents to the business registration office:

Change industry and business.

Change of founding shareholders for joint stock companies and shareholders being foreign investors, except for listed companies.

An authorized representative of a one-member limited liability company whose owner is an organization.

The authorized representative of a shareholder is a foreign organization of a joint-stock company.

Information about the business manager.

Tax registration information.

An application file for registration of changes in company registration contents includes the following basic documents:​


1: Notice of change of business registration

2: Minutes of members' council meetings

3: Decide to change the business registration.

4: List of company shareholders

5: Certificate of completion of procedures and tax transfer for companies that move their headquarters to another district, co-administration, shareholders, Certificate of legal capital if additional conditional industries are added, Practicing certificate, if any.


 Step 01: Customer Information
Consulting establishment information including name, industry, headquarters and other information.Collect documents including ID card/CCCD, ERC and other related documents.

 Step 02: Compose profile
Preparing documents according to the information the customer has provided in Step 1.Send documents to the customer for confirmation and signature and stamp.

 Step 03: Submit application
Submit online and in person at the Department of Planning and Investment.Adding and amending registration information (if any)

 Step 04: Certificate
Get an Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) or an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) at the Department of Planning and Investment.

 Step 05:Engrave seal
Engrave seal according to business registration certificate information.Register seal sample at Department of Planning and Investment.

 Step 06: Handing over documents
Hand over the business registration certificate, digital signature and other relevant information

Service price list

Change the content of the license

Word only 90 USD

1 Member Limited Liability Company.

2 or more membersliability company.

Joint stock company.

Private enterprise.


Representative office.