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From June 1, 2021, enterprises wishing to apply for a job service license must meet the following contents:

Conditions for issuance of employment service operation licenses of employment service enterprises

a/ Being an enterprise manager;

b) Not in one of the following cases: being prosecuted for criminal liability, being detained, serving imprisonment penalties, serving administrative handling measures at compulsory rehabilitation establishments, compulsory educational establishments, fleeing their places of residence, having restricted or losing their civil act capacity, having difficulties in their perceptions, mastering acts, being banned from holding office by courts, banning from practicing or doing jobs related to employment services;

c) Having university degree or higher or having worked directly or managed employment services or labor provision for full 02 years

Profile composition

In order to apply for a job service license, businesses need to prepare all the following documents:

Profile composition

Procedures for applying for employment service licenses of employment service enterprises

Step 1: Apply

The enterprise sends 01 set of dossier to the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs where the enterprise is headquartered to apply for a license.

Step 2: Check your profile

Competent state agencies consider examining the composition and legality of dossiers.
With complete documents, documents and valid documents, the officer will hand over the receipt to the applicant.
For incomplete or invalid dossiers, the officer shall guide the applicant to make additional amendments.

Step 3: Verify documents

State agencies have received complete and valid dossiers to appraise dossiers and give results within 7 working days from the date of receiving dossiers.

Step 4: Get results

The applicant receives the results by appointment. For enterprises that fully meet the conditions prescribed by law as mentioned above, state agencies shall grant enterprises employment service operation licenses. For enterprises that have not yet achieved the above conditions, the State Agency shall reply in writing and clearly state the l's due to refusal to grant licenses.

Step 5: Announce on the mass media

From the date of issuance of the license, within 20 days, the licensed enterprise must publicly notify the mass media of the license, location, field of operation, name of the legal representative performing employment services, telephone number , e-mail, website.

Step 6: Notify state agencies

After the date of establishment of employment services, within 10 days, the enterprise must notify in writing the competent State agency of the issuance of the license for employment services where the head office is located on the date of operation start.
Above is the content of consulting on procedures for issuance of employment service licenses for enterprises.

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