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In 2020, in accordance with current law, the business registration industry is not displayed on the Enterprise Registration Certificate, however, when there is a change in business sector, it is still required to carry out procedures for registration of additional business sectors at the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise registers its head office. chief.

Here are the steps to complete the procedure to change the business line that you need to understand:

Step 1: Prepare information and documents for the change and supplementation of business sectors

Determine whether business sectors change, in the direction of supplementing or reducing business sectors. If additional, it is necessary to have the business code intended for further preparation. In case of withdrawal, list the sector to withdraw.

Step 2: Prepare additional documents, change business sectors in full as prescribed

Step 3: Submit the application for change of business profession to the business registration office

The enterprise or its authorized representative shall submit a notice of change of business registration contents directly at the Business Registration Office where the enterprise is headquartered or submit a dossier of notice of change of business registration contents via electronic network according to the process on the National Business Registration Portal

Step 4: Business Registration Office checks the validity of dossiers of changes and additions of business line

After 3 working days, the business registration office will be responsible for appraising the dossier in accordance with the provisions of law.

Step 5: Issue a certificate of change of business

When the dossier is valid, the department of planning and investment of the province where the enterprise is headquartered to issue a certificate of new business line.

Note when changing additional business sectors:

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