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What is the concept of buying and selling goods?

The sale and sale of goods is a commercial activity in which the seller is obliged to deliver and transfer ownership of the goods to the buyer and receiver; the buyer is obliged to pay the seller, receive the goods and the ownership of the goods as agreed upon.

The sale and sale of goods is carried out by domestic or foreign investors.

Conditions for domestic investors

  • Having id card/ Passport / Id card;
  • Having full capacity for civil acts;
  • Not to be subject to establishment of enterprises (civil servants, officials …).
  • Vietnamese organizations and individuals permanently residing in Vietnam have the right to establish and manage goods trading enterprises.
  • Do not do business with prohibited legal items.

Business license application

For domestic investors

  • The draft charter of the enterprise is signed on each page by all legal representatives and founding shareholders or by the representative based on the authorization from the founding shareholders.
  • The paperwork requesting the registration of business activities is signed by the legal representative for the enterprise.
  • Notarized copies of passports or ID cards for shareholders or members.
  • The list of founding members and shareholders should be fully signed by all legal representatives, members and shareholders.

Competence and licensing agency for sale and sale of goods

For domestic investors: The Business Registration Department of the Department of Planning and Investment of the province or centrally-run city where the enterprise's headquarters is located will issue the enterprise registration certificate.