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Currently, according to Article 29 of the Law on Enterprises 2020, the Enterprise Registration Certificate only shows 4 contents:

Change company name:

Change of company name (including: change of name in Vietnamese, change of foreign language name, change of initials);

Change company address:

Change of head office of the company (different district, same district, different province)
Change the company's business lines (add new lines, remove lines, add industry details)

Change business type:

Change of business type of the company (including: Change from one member limited liability company to two or more members limited liability company; change from limited company to joint stock company, change from joint stock company to company) limited liability company, changing sole proprietorship to corporation).

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Change of company's charter capital:

Change of the company's charter capital (including change to increase the company's charter capital or change to decrease the company's charter capital);

Change of legal representative

Change the legal representative of the company; Change of information of the legal representative of the company (including: change of title of legal representative; change of identity card/identification card/passport number; change of household registration, residence current legal representative);

Therefore, when the enterprise changes the information on the Enterprise Registration Certificate, it must issue the Enterprise Registration Certificate with new information.In addition, enterprises need to notify the change of the following contents to the business registration agency: