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In the business process, especially in the era of the rapidly changing economy, the need to change the company’s address is no stranger. Changing the company address will entail changing the business registration certificate, changing the address of the tax authorities, changing the stamp and invoice. Depending on whether the company address is changed in the same county or other county, different provinces will have different regulations that if not thoroughly learn is easy to make mistakes.


The procedure for changing the company address depends on changing the address of the same district or other district or other province. In which way do you change your company address, follow our instructions below:

Change company address in the Same District

If the company changes its address within the same district/district/provincial city, it will change the business registration management information and tax registration information but not change the tax administration agency of the company. Therefore, in this case, the company only needs to carry out procedures to change business registration at the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment of the province/ city where the company is headquartered. Prepare a complete set of documents as follows:

  • Notification of changes in business registration contents;
  • Decision to change
  • Meeting minutes
  • Power of Authory

Note: Decisions and minutes of meetings must clearly state the contents already amended in the company’s charter. In case it is not the legal representative or the owner of the enterprise directly submitting the dossier, it is necessary to have a power of attorney and a certified copy (or a photocopy with the original for comparison) of one of the following papers:

Procedures for Changing The Address of Another Company’s Office in The District or Other Province

In order to change the address of the head office of a company other than the district or other province, before changing the head office address, the enterprise must carry out procedures with the tax office on the transfer of the place in accordance with the law on taxation. Enterprises need to carry out procedures including the following steps:

Step 1: Submit the complete dossier to the old Sub-Department of Taxation for tax closing. The dossier includes:

  • Declaration on adjustment of tax registration information (according to form 08-MST);
  • Copies (without authentication required) of establishment and operation licenses, or certificates of operation registration of their respective units or establishment decisions or equivalent licenses issued by competent agencies if tax registration information on these Papers is changed.

In fact, some Sub-Departments of Taxation may require additional:

  • Decisions and minutes of meetings (valid copies) of the Members’ Council for limited liability companies with two or more members, meeting minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting for joint-stock companies and partnership members of partnerships; For a one-member limited liability company, it is the decision of the owner of the company;
  • Business registration certificate of the enterprise (copy);
  • A referral from the authorized person to submit the application.

Then, close the invoice if the enterprise uses the invoice as follows:

  • Submit a report on the use of invoices of the current quarter up to the time of the transfer of headquarters;
  • The receiving officer will review all reports of invoices and debts of the enterprise. If there is a violation, the officer shall make a record and make a decision on administrative sanction.

Within 10 working days after submitting a complete and valid dossier (if the invoice or debt has not been finalized, the settlement time limit shall be prolonged), the enterprise shall receive a notice of the taxpayer’s transfer of the place (made according to form No. 09-MST) at the one-stop department.

Step 2: Carry out procedures for changing business registration with a set of dossiers including:

  • Notify taxpayers of the transfer of places according to form No. 09-MST issued by tax authorities;
  • Notification of changes in the registration contents of the enterprise;
  • Decision to change
  • Meeting minutes
  • Power of authorship to carry out procedures for changing the address of the company’s headquarters.

Step 3: In case the seal of the company has old address information, it is necessary to re-engrave the seal and re-announce the new seal on the National Business Registration Portal.

Step 4: Procedures for notifying tax authorities of the change of head office address and issues relating to the use of value-added invoices (VAT).

Submit the tax transfer dossier to the tax administration agency in the newly moved district. The dossier includes:

  • Decision on tax closing for transfer of district/district of the sub-department of taxation where the company sets the address of the old head office;
  • Form 08-MST with the stamp confirming the transfer of address to a new district;
  • New business registration certificate (copy).

Above is the procedure for changing the address of the company in accordance with the latest regulations. Hopefully it can help you when the procedure changes the company address.

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