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With the purpose of the business of changing the company name is to grow stronger. However, not everyone understands what to do when changing the name of the company. When changing the name of the company, businesses need to carefully understand the legal provisions on issues related to the company name, how to name the company. From there, know how to change the company name in the fastest time while ensuring accuracy. In this article, Viecoi will help you with all the information related to this issue.


1. What is the company name?

The company name is understood as the name of an enterprise noted on the Business Registration Certificate of the enterprise. Company name is one of the most important factors, it is necessary to prepare carefully before establishing a business. The company name also helps to distinguish the types and business areas of the company. Therefore, before registering the business, it is necessary to choose the name in accordance with the current law.

2. Cases to change company name Change company’s Vietnamese name:

  • When you change the type of company from limited liability to shares or vice versa, you will have to change the company name and carh back the seal of the company. However, when the company is a one-member limited liability company transferred to a two-member limited liability company, when the change is usually not affected by the name of the company but only the type of the company, it will usually not affect the name of the company and do not have to carry out a re-construction of the company’s seal.
  • When the company changes its own name, adding elements or sys in the company name must also change the company name and re-make the company’s seal.

Change company’s Foreign Language name

  • Enterprises do not change the Name of Vietnamese but find that the foreign language name is not accurate or needs to be changed to better suit the Vietnamese name, it is possible to change the foreign language name of the company accordingly. The change of the foreign name of the company must be made at the business registration office where the enterprise is headquartered.
  • Since the change of the company’s foreign language name does not simultaneously change the Vietnamese name of the company, it is not necessary to carry out procedures for changing the seal of the company.

Change the abbreviation of the company

  • When you want to change the abbreviation of the company due to serving other needs of the company such as coinciding with the trademark or building a new brand name of the business,… may only change the abbreviation of the company.
  • When the company changes its abbreviation, it does not change the Vietnamese name of the company at the same time, so there is no need to carry out procedures to change the company seal.


1. Conditions for Changing Business Name

In order to change the name of the enterprise, the following conditions must be ensured:

  • The name of the enterprise must be named in accordance with the provisions of law such as: the name must include two elements: the type of company and the proper name of the company. Do not name in violation of prohibitions in naming enterprises; foreign language names and abbreviations of enterprises, not to give the same names and names that are easily confusing to enterprises;
  • Enterprises need to prepare a complete set of valid business registration dossiers;
  • Enterprises must fully pay enterprise registration fees as prescribed by law;
  • Enterprises will not be allowed to change the business registration contents in the following cases: Enterprises are being issued notices of violations of enterprises having their business registration certificates revoked or decisions to revoke enterprise registration certificates;
  • The enterprise is in the process of being processed of enterprise’s decision.


1. Procedures for changing the company name.

To change the name of the company it is necessary to do the following:

Step 1: Prepare papers to change the company name as guided after the Enterprise
Registration Certificate, Investment Registration Certificate (for enterprises with investment projects), Certificate of Tax Identification Number (if any), Name of new enterprise intended to change

Step 2: Complete the application for change of company name according to each type of business

  • Notification of the legal representative on the change of business name.
  • Minutes of meeting on change of enterprise name (for limited liability companies with two or more members, joint stock companies and partnerships).
  • Decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the change of the name of the enterprise.

Step 3: Submit a complete set of application for change of business name to the business registration office of the province/city where the enterprise is headquartered.

Step 4: Receive the result of a certificate of business registration (If the application is valid, it will not even receive additional instructions).

2. What to Do Immediately After Completing a Company Name Change

After completing the change of company name, it is also necessary to notify the relevant authorities such as Tax, insurance, banking, telecommunications, electricity, partners because when the business name is changed, it is almost like your business has just been established. If you don’t notify, trusted partners won’t know and won’t recognize your company. Therefore, one of the things to do after changing the company name is to inform the relevant authorities that the company has changed its name. In addition, because the content of the company’s seal includes the company name and company code, when changing the company name, the seal of the company must also change. At the same time, value-added invoices also need to be changed again.

The above are the notes on changing the name of the company that we have learned. Hopefully this article can help you if your company is also looking to change the company name.

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