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Cases of carrying out procedures for change of company capital contribution members include:

– Receive new members to the company.

– Transfer part or all of capital to other individuals and organizations.

– Change of membership due to inheritance.

– Having members who do not comply with the obligations on the duration of capital contribution and contributed capital.

Enterprises shall submit dossiers of registration for change of contents of enterprise registration certificates directly at the Business Registration Office where the enterprise is headquartered or the legal representative shall submit the application for enterprise registration via electronic network according to the process on the National Business Registration Portal.

Upon receiving the Notice of change of business registration contents, the Business Registration Office grants the Certificate, checks the validity of the dossier and grants the Enterprise Registration Certificate to the enterprise.

The order of implementation of procedures for change of members includes:

1. Submit the application at the Business Registration Office and receive the application receipt.

2. Receive a new Business Registration Certificate.

3. Publish a report on changes to business information.

Dossiers of implementation include:

– Notice of change of business registration contents.

– Minutes of meetings of the Members’ Council on the reception of new members.

– Decision of the Members’ Council on the reception of new members / Contracts for transfer of contributed capital / Certified copies of documents confirming the legitimate inheritance rights of heirs / Donation contracts for contributed capital

– Valid copies of the following documents of new members:

  • If you are an individual, you need a valid copy of your personal identification documents such as ID card/ Citizen ID/ Passport.
  • If an organization needs a valid copy of the Enterprise Registration Certificate or equivalent papers enclosed with the authorization document, a valid copy of the personal certification papers of the authorized person representing the organization.

– Written approval for capital contribution, purchase of shares or contributed capital by the Department of Planning and Investment if the new member is a foreign investor.

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