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Since its establishment and operation, enterprises have many different reasons to change the contents of business registration to consed with operational practices. These changes must be notified to the business registration authorities. If you were a business owner how would you do it? Let Viecoi show you how to change the business registration content in accordance with the regulations and the fastest


According to Article 28 of the Law on Enterprises 2020, the contents of the enterprise registration certificate include:

  • Name and tax code of the enterprise;
  • Address of the head office of the enterprise;
  • Personal information for legal representatives of limited liability companies and joint-stock companies; for partnership members of partnerships; for business owners being private enterprises. Personal information for individual members; The member’s enterprise information is an organization for a limited liability company;
  • Charter capital, investment capital for enterprises.

To change the content of your business registration you need to prepare a complete profile and follow our instructions.

Order of Implementation of Business Registration Content Changes

To make changes to business registration content we take the following steps:
Step 1: Enterprises prepare complete dossiers in accordance with regulations including:

  • Notice of change of business registration contents
  • Valid copies of legally effective court judgments or decisions;
  • Original of enterprise registration certificate or business registration certificate and tax registration certificate of the enterprise;
  • Table of contents of the profile;
  • Profile cover (made of thin paperboard or hard nylon without letters used for other purposes).
  • Declaration of information of the applicant;

Step 2: Enterprises come to submit dossiers at the Business Registration Office

Step 3: The Business Registration Office checks the validity of the dossier and settles the dossier of the enterprise in accordance with regulations.

Step 4: Based on the appointment date on the receipt (usually after 03 working days from the time of submission of dossier) the enterprise shall go to the Business Registration Office to receive the result of singing the dossier or register to receive the results at the address through the Post Office. The fee is 200,000 VND / grant.


How to Declare a Business Registration Change Form

When there is a desire to change the content of business registration, the enterprise directly downloads the Form of notice of change of the enterprise registration contents according to Circular No. 20/2015/TT-BKHDT and declares information according to the given headings. If the business only wants to change the name, directly declare in the Change the name of the business. Similarly, when you want to change other content, businesses declare the next sections in the Sample Notification. Businesses should prepare phone numbers and emails in advance when registering changes because when carrying out procedures for changes, businesses are required to declare Phone Numbers and Emails to ensure the authenticity of records.

Above is how to change the business registration content under the latest enterprise law effective from 01/01/2021. You can refer to other business procedures under the latest corporate law in!

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