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Foreigners who want to come to Vietnam to study and work, visa or temporary residence card is an indispensable type of paperwork. So what is different between Visa and Temporary Residence Card, should foreigners apply for a Visa or Temporary Residence Card? This article will help you better understand this issue.

What is a visa?

A visa is a type of paperwork issued by a competent Vietnamese authority; Allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam.

What is a temporary residence card?

Temporary residence card is a type of paperwork issued by the immigration authority or competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foreigners who are allowed to reside for a term in Vietnam and are valid for visa replacement

Differences between visa and temporary residence card

1. . Maximum duration

Visa – Visa valid for a period of no more than 12 months. At the end of the visa period, the visa application procedure must be applied for extension, or exit from Vietnam.

The temporary residence card has a longer validity period than the visa- visa, the duration of the temporary residence card is not more than 5 years.

2. Allowed entry/exit

Visa – Visa: Visa holders are allowed to enter/exit once or twice due to their choice when carrying out visa issuance/renewal procedures.

Temporary residence card: the holder of the temporary residence card is allowed to enter/exit several times.

3. Granted objects

  • Visa holders:

Foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam with sufficient documents as prescribed are considered for a visa for a period of time depending on the purpose and approval.

  • Subjects granted temporary residence cards:

+ Employees who are licensed for work, reporters and journalists permanently residing in Vietnam are granted temporary residence cards for a period of time.

+ Head of representative office, project of international organizations, foreign NON-governmental organizations in Vietnam; The head of the representative office or branch is granted a visa with the symbol LV1, LV2, and the tel is granted a temporary residence card with a term of no more than 03 years.

+ Foreigners are members of diplomatic representative agencies and consular agencies.

+ People who work with departments, agencies and units. under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Vietnam's state management agency.

+ Foreigners working with socio-political organizations, foreign investors; Foreign lawyers.

4. Purpose

Vietnamese visa serves the purpose of short-term entry into Vietnam by foreigners such as visiting relatives, traveling, working in a short time, …

Temporary residence cards for the purpose of long-term entry into Vietnam by foreigners such as investment in enterprises, labor, working, studying in Vietnam, …

5. Competent authorities granted

Vietnamese visas for foreigners are issued by the Immigration Department or immigration department.

6. Benefits

With visa, foreigners can only stay in Vietnam for the period of time allowed. Temporary residence cards have more benefits, such as: Freedom to travel in Vietnam without having to apply for a visa many times (except for areas where foreigners or special zones need to apply for a license from the governing body), simple procedures for entering Vietnam.

Visa Services – Temporary Residence Card

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