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The hotel business is understood to be a business on the basis of providing accommodation, dining and additional services to satisfy the needs of customers to bring in revenue and profit. In order to obtain a hotel business license, it is required to have a fire safety license, a certificate of security and order,…

General conditions:Owning a business registration for tourism and ensuring measures on security, order, fire prevention, firefighting and environmental hygiene, in accordance with the current law.

The specific conditions for these hotels are: The whole hotel has a minimum of 10 rooms per room must be from 9m2 with single room and 12m2 with double room, in terms of facilities must ensure the standard of one-star hotel, safe geographical location, not located near industrial parks with toxic production, at least 100m from schools, hospitals, absolutely not placed close to the area related to defense and security as prescribed, meeting the minimum needs of equipment, construction, services, professional qualifications of staff, Be granted a business license of the hotel in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Other types of licenses when doing hotel business

Orderly security license for the hotel

  • Written request for issuance of security and order licenses of business establishments (Form No. 03 in appendix to issued together with this Decree)
  • Copy of business registration license
  • Lumsilia enclosed with judicial record card or personnel declaration of the person responsible for security and order of the business establishment

Agencies level: Police administrative management and social order and safety of provinces and cities.

Fire Protection Eligibility Permit for Hotel

  • License application
  • Fire Protection Plan
  • Hotel diagram
  • Escape diagram
  • List of firefighting forces on site

Level agencies: Fire protection of districts or provinces or cities depending on the size and number of floors built.

Certificate of food safety eligibility

  • Application for certification;
  • Business registration certificate or enterprise registration certificate or investment certificate with food production and trading lines;
  • Presentation of facilities:
  • Drawing of production and business premises;
  • Description of food processing, storage, transportation and sale of food and beverages;
  • A explanation of the facilities, equipment and tools of the facility.
  • Certificate of knowledge on food safety of the owner and the person directly producing and trading food;
  • Certificates of health for food production and trading of establishment owners and persons directly producing and trading.

Issuing agency: Food safety management board issued certificate (under the Department of Health)

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