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A fire protection certificate is a common type of sub-license and is a mandatory document for some restaurants. So what kind of restaurant is required to apply for a fire protection certificate, what documents to prepare, how order, procedures,.. Let’s find out with this article!

Which restaurants need to apply for a fire protection permit?

Based on Decree No. 136/2020/ND-CP, restaurants with a volume of 3000m3 must apply for a fire protection license.

*Note: For restaurants with a volume of 3000m3 or less, not in case of need to apply for a fire protection certificate, fire protection requirements such as carrying out firefighting training sessions for management, staff and equipping firefighting equipment such as: Fire extinguishers; Regulations on firefighting orders; Exit lights, problem lights; Fire alarm system;… for the restaurant.

Order of application for fire protection permit

Step 1: Prepare the file

The file includes the following documents:

– Application for fire protection certificate

– A certified copy of the certificate of competence for fire prevention and fighting; test documents on fire prevention and fighting for newly renovated or newly built facilities, motor vehicles need to ensure fire safety when converting or closing new; certified copies of fire safety inspection minutes for other facilities and motorized vehicles.

– Statistics of all fire prevention and fighting vehicles and rescue vehicles equipped

– Firefighting options

– Decision on the establishment of a grassroots fire prevention and fighting team.

– List of individuals who have passed the training on fire prevention and fighting.

Step 2: Apply

The dossier is submitted at the Provincial Police Department for Fire Prevention, Firefighting and Rescue where the restaurant is headquartered.

Step 3: The competent authority returns the results of the application approval and returns the results

If the records are valid, the Police Department of fire prevention, firefighting and rescue will settle and return the results.

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How are restaurants without fire protection permits sanctioned?

Pursuant to Decree No. 167/2013/ND-CP on sanctioning administrative violations including in the field of fire prevention and fighting, restaurants without fire protection licenses will be sanctioned as follows:

A fine of from VND 15,000,000 to VND 25,000,000 shall be imposed for one of the acts of organizing the construction and construction of works subject to fire prevention and fighting approval without a certificate of approval for fire prevention and fighting.

A fine of from VND 30,000,000 to VND 50,000,000 shall be imposed for putting houses and works into operation and using them without organizing fire prevention and fighting tests. At the same time, it is required for the organization for state management agencies to test for fire prevention and fighting.

Necessary firefighting measures for the restaurant

Smoke escape system:

Restaurants must have at least two smoke exits to support each other. Smoke systems are easy to smell and oily. This is where most of the grease accumulates, when high temperatures are very flammable to cause fires.

Automatic fire alarm and fighting system:

Firefighting systems are an essential component in any building. According to the International Fire Safety Association (NFPA), fire alarm and fighting systems must be checked at least every two years. The automatic firefighting system must be drafted in design along with other items in the building. The automatic firefighting system along with the alarm must work smoothly when something goes out.

  • With small fires, employees can apply on-site troubleshooting using handheld firefighting equipment, combined with removing people from the fire. All employees in the restaurant must be trained in four steps of firefighting orders:
    • Step 1: Alarm
    • Step 2: Power cut off
    • Step 3: Use on-site firefighting equipment
    • Step 4: Phone 114 – professional firefighting team
  • With large fires, immediately alarmed to get everyone out by the emergency exit, the exit should only use specialized fire doors without locks so that people can get out when something goes out. consulting services

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