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What are the conditions for applying for a dispatch to enter Vietnam during the Covid 19 epidemic?

Entering Vietnam during the covid epidemic is no longer the same easy procedure as before. Currently, in order to apply for a letter of entry to Vietnam, foreigners must ensure the following conditions:

  • There are guarantee companies in Vietnam,
  • Medical eligibility under Vietnamese regulations.
  • Not being temporarily suspended from the entry permit due to the situation from a country where the Covid epidemic is too stressful.

The procedure for applying for entry dispatches for foreign experts during covid 19 is quite complicated, in which foreigners and guarantee companies need to follow the following procedures:

Request the approval letter of the People’s Committee of the province/city

The guaranteeer company for foreign experts entering Vietnam will submit a written approval for the use of foreign workers and other documents to the Provincial/Municipal People’s Committee.

Based on the needs of leading companies based in the area, the Provincial People’s Committee shall consider the decision to approve the list of foreign experts and accompanying relatives, foreigners will be allowed to enter the country.

Please enter

Agencies, organizations inviting and underwriting to submit dossiers of application for entry visas to foreign experts and accompanying relatives and foreigners together with the written approval of the Provincial People’s Committee at the Ministry of Public Security (Immigration Department), depending on the address where your business is located.

  • Hanoi Immigration Department: 44 – 46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Immigration Department of Ho Chi Minh City: No. 333 – 337 Nguyen Trai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Notification of relevant agencies

After having an entry letter, the guarantee company should notify the Department of Health and relevant agencies to identify all items ready for foreigners to enter the country in accordance with regulations.

After that, foreign experts will follow this procedure to enter Vietnam.

Other important tasks you need to do to prepare for your visit to Vietnam include:

  • Book a flight to Vietnam
  • Book An Isolation Hotel
  • The car moved to the quarantined hotel.
  • Consider SARS-CoV-2 using PCR technique within 03 days before the date of entry into Vietnam and during the quarantine period in Vietnam

The procedures for making officials to enter Vietnam are quite complicated, requiring workers to spend a lot of time and effort preparing documents as well as traveling between vietnamese authorities. If you are having difficulty, contact us immediately for advice and support.