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Procedures for changing business registration

Procedures for change of business registration arise during the operation of the enterprise when the enterprise has a change of information compared to the business registration dossier submitted at the business registration office at the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment. The usual information needs to be changed as follows:

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Change the company name

Change the company name (including: changing the name in Vietnamese, changing the foreign name, changing the abbreviation);

Change your company address

Change the head office of the company (different district, same district, different province)

Changing the company’s industry and business lines (adding new industries, quitting trades, adding industry details)

Change the type of business.

Change the type of enterprise of the company (including: Change from one member limited to a limited company with two or more members; change from a limited company to a joint stock company, change from a joint stock company to a limited company, change the private enterprise into a company).

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Change of company charter capital

Changes in the company’s charter capital (including changes to increase the company’s charter capital or changes in reduction of company charter capital);

Change of legal representative

Change of representative according to the company’s law; Change the information of the legal representative of the company (including: changing the title of the legal representative; changing the id card/ passport number; changing the current household registration and accommodation of the legal representative);

If you do not have the time or experience to carry out the registration procedure for changing the information on the business license, refer to our services.