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Vietnam is growing, the demand for foreign workers is also increasing. One of the necessary conditions for foreign workers to work legally in Vietnam is to have a work permit. So what is a work permit? And why apply for a work permit for foreign workers? This article will answer those questions for you!

What is a work permit?

A work permit is a document issued by a competent authority that allows foreigners to work legally in Vietnam. The competent authority shall issue work permits to foreigners who fully meet the conditions prescribed by Vietnamese labor law.

Why are foreign workers required to obtain a work permit?

The Labor Code 2019 stipulates the conditions for foreign workers working in Vietnam as follows:

Full 18 years of age or older and fully capable of civil acts

– Having professional qualifications, techniques, skills, work experience; Have enough health

– Not a person who is serving his or her sentence or has not been cleared of criminal charges in accordance with foreign law or Vietnamese law.

– Have a work permit.

According to the above provisions, having a work permit is one of the conditions for foreign workers to work in Vietnam. Therefore, if not exempted from work permits, foreign workers working in Vietnam are required to have a work permit.

Penalties for cases without a work permit

Decree No. 28/2020/ND-CP provides for penalties for violations of regulations on foreigners working in Vietnam as follows:

For employers who engage in acts of employing foreign workers without expired work permits or work permits, fines shall be imposed at the following levels:

  • From 30-45 million VND for violations from 01 person to 10 people
  • From 45 to 60 million VND with violations from 11 people to 20 people
  • From 60-75 million VND with violations of 21 or more people.

For foreign workers working in Vietnam but without an expired work permit or work permit,

  • A fine of 15-25 million.
  • Expel foreign workers working in Vietnam from Vietnam.

Thus, when the employer of foreign workers does not have a work permit, both the employer and the foreign worker are sanctioned. The penalty is applied as above.’s work permit application service

Coming to our service, customers will be:

  • Consulting on application for work permits for foreigners as prescribed
  • Consultation on medical examination procedures in Vietnam to apply for a work permit
  • Advising on conditions for being granted a work permit in Vietnam
  • Completing the application for work permits in Vietnam for customers
  • Advising cases not subject to the issuance of work permits and carrying out procedures for issuance of certification in case of not having to apply for a work permit

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