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Due to the ongoing covid-19 situation, many provinces require when workers must have a travel permit to travel to essential occupations as prescribed and perform other necessary work for the company when moving during this epidemic season.

Road travel paper information must refer to important information as follows:

  • Travel information
  • Company information
  • Specify where to go, where to go.
  • Specific presentation of the object in circulation, work deemed necessary
  • Specify the validity period
  • Company signature, seal of certification

The company/employee assures the above contents to be true, fully responsible before the law for strictly observing regulations on covid-19 prevention and control.

Specifically, the following objects are used “road paper” for circulation:

1. For agencies, units and enterprises in the city: only in cases where it is really necessary such as combat duty, on duty, provision of essential goods and services, handling confidential documents and other necessary tasks as required, officials and employees may participate in traffic.

The head of the unit shall be responsible for the officials and employees causing the infection by failing to strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control and issue road travel papers.

2. For employees in the city working at factories, production facilities (including enterprises in and out of industrial zones and clusters), essential goods service establishments; forces maintaining the system, maintaining and maintaining factories, production and service establishments in the city are allowed to participate in traffic when: the employer is responsible for strictly managing employees, committing to ensuring regulations on rooms, anti-epidemic.

3. For people in other provinces and cities entering the city to work (agencies and businesses are allowed to operate), it is necessary to have a certificate of agency, unit or enterprise.

4. For officials, employees and employees with permanent addresses in Hanoi working and working at agencies, units and enterprises in other provinces and cities: it is necessary to have a certificate of being officials, workers, employees of agencies, units and enterprises in the province, that city and a certificate of residence.

5. For other cases: people in other provinces and cities bring and pick up patients for medical examination and treatment at medical examination and treatment establishments in the city; funeral; traveling to Noi Bai airport for business (including shuttlers) should be prepared: id, passport, air ticket, test positive sars-CoV2 virus test by PCR method (valid within 3 days).

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