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Investment Registration Certificate

In case of carrying out procedures for issuance of investment registration certificates

1. Cases where investment registration certificates must be carried out include:

a) Investment projects of foreign investors;

b) Investment projects of economic organizations

2. Cases where investment registration certificates are not required include:

a) Investment projects of domestic investors;

b) Investment projects of economic organizations;

c) Investing in the form of capital contribution, share purchase, purchase of contributed capital of economic organizations.

Project conditions

– Investment projects are not subject to investment policy decisions.

– The objectives of investment projects are not in the industry or profession prohibiting business investment.

– Meeting investment conditions for foreign investors in case the objectives of investment projects in conditional investment sectors and occupations for foreign investors

The basic contents of the investment registration certificate

  • Investment project number.
  • Name and address of the investor.
  • Name of investment project.
  • Location of implementation of investment projects; area of land used.
  • Objectives and scale of investment projects.
  • Investment capital of the project (including capital contributed by investors and mobilized capital), progress of capital contribution and mobilization of capital sources.
  • Duration of operation of the project.
  • Progress of investment project: basic construction progress and put the works into operation (if any); progress of implementation of operational objectives, the main items of the project, in case the project is implemented in each stage, must specify the objectives, durations and operational contents of each phase.
  • Incentives, investment support and grounds and conditions apply (if any).
  • Conditions for investors to implement the project (if any). providing prestigious and quality investment registration certificate services. We advise on the provisions of the current law and relevant procedures so that customers can easily solve problems. If you have any questions related to this issue, please contact us immediately via Hotline: (033) 534 4640 for advice and support.