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For food production and trading companies, the Food Safety Certificate is one of the required documents. What is a Food Safety Certificate? What conditions do you need to be issued a paper? How is the order and procedures for applying for a paper? … Let’s find out with this article!

What is a food safety certificate?

A food safety certificate is a license issued by a competent authority to enterprises, households trading in food, producing food and food services to ensure that establishments are eligible for hygiene and hygiene in accordance with law.

Conditions for food production companies

According to the Food Safety Act 2010, in order to be granted a food safety certificate, the food production company must meet the following requirements:

  • There is registration of food business lines in the Business Registration Certificate.
  • Are they eligible for food hygiene and safety as follows:
  • Location: Production facilities must have appropriate locations and areas, and have a safe distance; for sources of toxicity, sources of pollution and other harmful factors;
  • Water supply system: Having enough water to meet technical standards for production; food business;
  • Equipment: Having enough suitable equipment for processing raw materials, processing and packaging; preservation and transportation; different foods; have sufficient equipment, tools, means of washing and disinfection, antiseptic water; equipment for the prevention and combat of insects and harmful animals;
  • Waste treatment system: There is a construction of a waste treatment system; and operate regularly in accordance with the law on environmental protection;
  • Materials: Maintaining conditions to ensure food safety; and keep records of origin and origin of food raw materials; and other documents on the entire food production and trading process;
  • Compliance with regulations: Regarding the health, knowledge and practices of people directly producing and trading food.

Procedure sequence

Step 1: Prepare the file

The profile contains the following types of text:

  • Application for food safety certificate (Form No. 1 Appendix 1 of Decree No. 155/2018/ND-CP)
  • Copy of business registration certificate;
  • Presentations on material and equipment; food hygiene and safety equipment as prescribed include:
    • Drawing of the design of the premises and surrounding area
    • Diagram of food production process or process of preserving and distributing products and presentations on materials, equipment and tools
  • Certificate of sufficient health of the owner and person directly producing and trading food
    • For less than 30 people: Submit a copy of the certificate
    • For 30 or more people: Submit a list of trained persons
  • Certificate of training in food hygiene and safety (certificate of food hygiene and safety)
    • For less than 30 people: Submit a copy of the certificate
    • For 30 or more people: Submit a list of results of health examinations, stool tests of owners and participants directly producing and trading food

Step 2: Submit the application to the competent state agency

The dossier is submitted at the Provincial/Municipal Food Safety and Hygiene Department where the company is headquartered.

Step 3: Get the results

After 15 days from the date of receipt of the application, if the application is valid, the company will be issued a Food Safety Certificate.

Fines for non-certificates

According to decree No. 115/2018/ND-CP on violations of regulations on certificates of food safety eligibility establishments, there will be sanctions for not having food safety certificates as follows:

  • A fine of from VND 30,000,000 to VND 40,000,000 shall be imposed for the act of producing and trading food without a certificate of food safety eligibility, unless it is not subject to the certification of food safety eligibility establishments.
  • Forcing food recalls or forcing changes in use or recycling or forcing food destruction for violations.

**Note: Food safety certificates are valid only for 3 years from the date of issuance. Therefore, it is necessary to reissue a new certificate when the time limit is nearing the end of the period to avoid overdue cases leading to fines. consulting services

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