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Currently, Vietnam is a very attractive market for foreign workers looking for work. The demand for foreign workers has become popular thanks to the increase of foreign investment projects in Vietnam, the demand for services provided by foreign enterprises and thanks to the signing of trade agreements such as WTO, ASEAN … In order for foreigners to have a work permit to legally reside in Vietnam, foreigners need to be issued temporary residence cards valid for up to 2 years for foreigners. So when it expires, how to renew, this article will provide useful information for you!

Conditions for renewal of temporary residence card

  • The passport of a foreign worker when applying for a card is for a minimum term of 1 year.
  • For cases where a work permit is obtained, the minimum term of the permit is 1 year or more from the date the employee applyes for the card.
  • Foreigners need to have a temporary residence certificate from the police of the commune or ward where they live.
  • For cases where the information is changed in the passport book, the reissue of the new passport has not been used for immigration to Vietnam and the visa has not been posted on the passport.

Subjects subject to temporary residence card renewal

  • For non-governmental organizations’ head of office, the duration of the operating license must be at least 1 year.
  • For employees who already have a work permit, the duration of the work permit must be 1 year or more, if the license is about to expire, before 30 days the foreigner must apply for an extension of the work permit first before applying for a temporary residence card extension.

Procedures for extension of work permits

Step 1: Prepare the dossier in accordance with the law.

The dossier includes the following documents:

  • Written requests of agencies, organizations and individuals to carry out procedures for invitation and guarantee;
  • The declaration of request for temporary residence card with photo stickers;
  • Passports of foreigners applying for temporary residence cards;
  • Certificate of operation of enterprises employing foreign workers
  • The certificate of registration of the seal form or the written notice of the posting of information about the enterprise’s seal form on the national portal on enterprise registration;
  • Certified copy of work permit or work permit exemption of foreign workers;
  • Registration of stamps and signatures for the first time at immigration authorities
  • Official documents and applications for temporary residence cards for foreigners
  • Declaration of application for temporary residence card for foreigners
  • A referral for Vietnamese employees to apply for temporary residence cards at the Immigration Agency;
  • Original passport
  • The certificate of temporary residence registration or temporary residence register of foreigners has been confirmed by the police of the ward or commune where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam (if any)
  • 02 Personal photos of 2cm x 3cm.

Step 2: Apply

Dossiers submitted at the office of the Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security

Step 3: Get the results

The person who receives the results of sending the receipt to the officials to return the results of examination and comparison, if there are results of temporary residence extension, request the person to receive the results of payment of fees and sign the receipt.

Temporary residence card renewal service

  • Resolving situations where temporary residence cards with LD symbols are urgently needed
  • Provide forms and instructions for filling out documents for extension of temporary residence cards for foreign workers accurately
  • Quickly process the application, carry out the procedure of extending the temporary residence card for employees early, so you will save a lot of time and effort.

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