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When foreigners need to live or work in Vietnam for a long time. One of the most important documents is a temporary residence card. However, not all foreigners are granted temporary residence cards that need to meet certain conditions. So what are the conditions for issuing a temporary residence card?

Those who are granted temporary residence cards in accordance with Vietnamese law.

According to the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam amended in 2019, cases considered for granting temporary residence cards include:

  • In case the foreigner is an employee who enters Vietnam to work (having a work permit or a license to practice in Vietnam)

This includes: Experts, managers (General Director, Deputy General Director, Director, Deputy Director, Deputy Director, Head or Deputy Department), technical labor in factories…. lawyers, doctors, pilots, footballers. will be granted all kinds of visas LD1, LD2, LS, PV….

  • A foreigner is an investor who establishes a company, contributes capital, buys shares in Vietnamese or foreign enterprises and organizations in Vietnam.

This includes: The owner of the company; Shareholders of joint stock companies; Members contributing capital to co., ltd; Chairman of the Board of Members, Board of Directors, representative of capital contributed to foreign companies in Vietnam… will be issued with temporary residence cards 1, DT2, DT3

  • Foreigners whose spouses, fathers, mothers and children have been granted temporary residence cards in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners of Vietnamese origin or relatives who are Vietnamese (including spouses, parents, children, grandparents, etc.)
  • Foreigners entering Vietnam as diplomats and journalists in accordance with diplomatic regulations and press law.

In case of not being granted a temporary residence card.

  • Being examined for criminal liability or being a defendant in civil disputes.
  • There is a duty to execute criminal judgments.
  • There is a duty to execute civil and economic judgments.
  • Being obliged to comply with decisions on sanctioning administrative violations, tax payment obligations or other financial obligations.

General conditions for applying for temporary residence cards for foreigners

  • The passport of the foreigner must have a minimum shelf life of 13 months (In case the passport is valid for 13 months, the Immigration Agency will issue a temporary residence card with a maximum term of 12 months).
  • Foreigners must carry out procedures for temporary residence registration at commune or ward police or register online in accordance with regulations.
  • There are leading agencies, organizations and enterprises.

Separate conditions for each type of temporary residence card for foreigners.

  • For employees applying for temporary residence cards with the symbol LD1 or LD2, the work permit/work permit exemption must be valid for a minimum of 1 year (12 months).
  • In case investors apply for temporary residence cards, DT1, DT2 and TT3 must make investments in Vietnam and must have documents proving capital contribution and investment in enterprises in Vietnam.
  • In case of applying for a temporary residence card to visit a relative of a TT symbol guaranteed by an individual who is a relative, the individual must be a Vietnamese citizen and have documents proving the legal relationship (Birth certificate, marriage certificate, family relationship certificate….)
  • In case of applying for a temporary residence card to visit the TT symbol guaranteed by the Company/organization with the application for relatives to visit or live with foreigners working at the company, it is mandatory that foreigners working at the company must have a temporary residence card or have been eligible for temporary residence card and apply for temporary residence card and apply for a temporary residence card. Apply for a temporary residence card once with your relatives.

Conditions for renewal of temporary residence card

The subject is entitled to an extension of the temporary residence card.

  • The head of the NGO’s office must have a minimum of one year.
  • For foreign workers who already have a work permit, the work permit must have a minimum term of 1 year. If the term of work permit is about to expire, before 30 days, the work permit extension procedure must be completed and then the procedure for extension of temporary residence card must be completed.
  • Foreign investors must have a minimum of 1 year left in the investment license.
  • Foreigners whose spouses are Vietnamese card 3 years.

Conditions for renewal of temporary residence card.

  • The passport of the applicant for temporary residence card must be valid for more than 1 year.
  • In case of obtaining a work permit, the foreigner’s work permit must be valid for a minimum of more than one year from the time of application for temporary residence card.
  • Foreigners must have a certain period of temporary residence in Vietnam (with confirmation of temporary residence registration in the commune where the foreigner is staying)
  • The new passport has not been used for entry and exit into Vietnam and there is no visa on the passport (in case of changing the passport number information after the passport runs out of page or losing the passport must reissue the new passport).

Services for applying for and renewing temporary residence cards

  • Resolving situations where temporary residence cards need urgently needed
  • Provide a form and instructions for filling out the temporary residence card application for foreigners correctly
  • Quickly process the application, carry out the procedure of extending the temporary residence card for foreigners early, so you will save a lot of time and effort.

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