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From 01/01/2021, establish a real estate business company without charter capital of VND 20 billion

Real estate business conditions in 2021

Accordingly, real estate business organizations and individuals must establish enterprises, except for cases where organizations, households, individuals sell, transfer, lease or lease and buy small-scale, infrequent real estate, not to establish enterprises but to declare tax payment in accordance with law.

The Law on Investment in 2020 no longer stipulates that capital must be greater than 20 billion for real estate organizations and individuals.

From January 1, 2021, when real estate business will only have to set up a business, this creates conditions for investors with limited capital to still register real estate business

Conditions on business lines of real estate trading companies

Real estate companies will have to register their business as follows:

SttIndustry nameIndustry code
1Real estate business, land use rights owned, used or leased Details: Real estate business6810
2Consultancy, brokerage, real estate auction, auction of land use rights6820

Procedures for establishing a company

Step 01: Customer information
Established information advice includes names, occupations, headquarters and other information.

Step 02: Compose a profile
Proceed to compose the dossier according to the information provided by the customer at Step 1.Send customer documents confirming and signing and sealing.

Step 03: Apply
Apply online and in person at the Department of Planning and Investment. Addition and modification of registration information (if any)

Step 04: Certificate
Receive a Business Registration Certificate (ERC)

Step 05: Engrave the seal
Engrave the seal according to the information of the Certificate of Business Registration. Registration of stamp samples at the Department of Planning and Investment.

Step 06: Hand over the file
Handing over business registration certificates, digital signatures and other related information

Please contact us immediately if you still have questions about the process, procedures or documents to prepare before applying for a license.