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Investors may make changes to all the above contents of the Investment Registration Certificate. Of course, it is necessary to carry out procedures to adjust the content appropriately and in accordance with the provisions of law including:

  • Investment project number.
  • Name and address of the investor.
  • Name of investment project.
  • Location of implementation of investment projects; area of land used.
  • Objectives and scale of investment projects.
  • Investment capital of the project (including capital contributed by investors and mobilized capital), progress of capital contribution and mobilization of capital sources.
  • Duration of operation of the project.
  • Progress of investment projects

The change profile includes:

– A written request for adjustment of the investment project;

– Report on the implementation of the investment project to the time of request for adjustment of the investment project;

– Decision on adjustment of investment projects of investors;

– Documents related to the adjustment contents, specifically:

  • In case of change of head office, it is necessary to provide: Documents on head office including: Head office lease contract, certificate of proof of leasing rights of the leasing party (Land use right certificate, construction permit, business registration certificate with real estate business function of the leasing party or equivalent papers);
  • In case of change of investment capital to be provided: Bank confirmation for capital account proving that the company has contributed sufficient capital (if the financial statement does not show that the company has contributed sufficient capital); certification of banks or documents proving the increased capital contribution;
  • In case of change of legal representative, it is necessary to provide: Notified passport, certificate of residence / noted temporary residence card of the representative under the new law;
  • In case of change of investor information, the representative of the investor: the noted copy: New business registration certificate, new passport or document showing new information / proving the change of information

Order of procedure implementation

Step 1:  The Investor shall submit 01 (one) set of application for adjustment of the Certificate at the investment registration office where the Investor is headquartered.

Step 2: The investment registration authority conducts the appraisal of the dossier. In case the dossier needs to be amended and supplemented, the investment registration agency must notify the Investor in order to amend and supplement the dossier. The Investor amends and supplements the dossier at the request of the investment registration agency.

Step 3: If the dossier is complete and does not have to be amended or supplemented, the investment registration agency granting the Investment Registration Certificate records the adjusted contents within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receiving the complete dossier of the Investor.

The adjustment of enterprise registration contents shall comply with the provisions of law on enterprises on changes in business registration contents and shall be carried out after the adjustment of investment registration certificates is completed.

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