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Vietnames Tet Holiday in 2018

Chinese New Year Holiday  (Tet holiday) in Vietnam will be 7 days from February 14th (Wed) to February 20th (Tue).
Like in China, Vietnam attaches great importance to the Lunar New Year holidays, and since the Lunar New Year holidays are around New Year’s Day, the Lunar New Year holidays occur every year between late January and mid-February.

For Chinese New Year holidays (Tet holidays),
it is common for government officials to determine holidays for civil servants, which private companies generally comply with.
For the Lunar New Year holiday in 2018, the following two plans were considered.
Option 1: 7 consecutive holidays from February 14 (Wednesday) to February 20 (Tuesday) Option
2 is 7 consecutive holidays from February 15 (Thursday) to February 21 (Wednesday)

After all, the first proposal was approved by the Prime Minister and officially decided, but it was
officially decided on December 16, 2017.

Every year, the decision is about two months before Tet.
Private companies comply with public employee holidays, but they are not obligated to do so, so
we will add an extra day to allow a total of 8 days
off from February 14 (Wednesday) to February 21 (Wednesday). did.

If you use paid days off for two days before and after Tet, it will be 12 consecutive holidays connected to Saturday and Sunday.

Since Vietnam has a paid leave purchase system,
we expect that many employees will spend their paid holidays .

I look forward to working with you next year!

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